Prevent Houston Termites

We not only provide Moving & Delivery services for Houston and its surrounding areas, we also provide top notch Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control. And we all know one thing about living in Houston is there are lots of bugs!

Specifically I want to talk about termites, what they are capable of and what you can do to prevent them.

First off, termites live in colonies that can be as little as a few hundred anywhere up to the millions! They eat cellulose-based items that can commonly be found around the house, such as wood, insulation, carpet, paper and dead plant material. Termites cause approximately $1.5 BILLION of damage to wood structures in the US. The best way to prevent yourself from falling victim to these ruthless creatures is to educate yourself.

These are some tips to avoid termite damage to your Houston home:

  • If you’re building a new house, you can use poisoned plastics or other physical barriers to prevent them from ever entering your home
  • Used treated lumber where there can be no barrier installed, or lumber such as white cypress which naturally resists termites
  • Use concrete, masonry or steel that is termite resistant
  • Check the exterior of your home often for any vulnerable spots that termites could use as a point of entry and treat the area(s) and or conceal them. Termites don’t need a lot of space to get in
  • Make sure there’s no wood directly contacting the ground from your home
  • Keep stacks of firewood, limbs and other timber away from the side of your home

The best way to prevent termites is to have an expert come to your home, check it out and treat it. Termite damage repair can easily be in the Thousands of Dollars even if found early.

If you feel your home is unprotected give us a call at (281) 810-9480 or use our Pest Control Quote Request form.