Tips for Houston Movers to Pack Antiques and Delicates

Here at B & S moving we specialize in moving your delicate items such as antique furniture, valuable collectables, art, priceless heirlooms and anything else that can be irreplaceable. We have 40+ years experience in doing so. Even the San Jacinto Monument called for our expertise when they wanted to move Mrs. Sam Houston’s fine china.

We treat every item you need moved as if they are irreplaceable, and we know what packing methods & materials are necessary to ensure safe arrival of your delicate items. We provide Packing Services for a wide range of items, whether it be residential, commercial or even medical, and we can provide packing for your entire space or just a few items. If you feel uncomfortable with packing your valuables, then be sure to mention that to us when you contact us for you next move.

If you are willing to pack your delicates and antiques yourself then here are a few tips to assist you in the process:


  • Remove any loose parts and/or hardware, wrap them with fine tissue paper and place in a labeled bag
  • If it’s safe, remove handles to drawers and secure them inside
  • Ensure doors/drawers (if any) are secured with rubber straps or string (don’t use tape!)
  • If possible, remove any glass/mirror and secure with padding
  • Wrap with stretch wrap and/or cushion wrap to protect exterior


  • Use original packaging or cartons if available
  • Use professional packaging or cartons if original packaging is damaged or not available
  • Place fine china, crystal or other breakable and delicate items in compartmentalized containers separately wrapped in fine tissue paper
  • Wrap sculptures, dolls and figurines with fine tissue paper or padding, then place in professional double or triple-walled boxes with plenty of foam peanuts or bubble wrap
  • Label these items as extremely important and fragile
  • You should plan on moving any jewelry, stamps, coins, photos or documents yourself
  • Any large collections that are difficult to move, consult us for further instructions, or leave for us to pack for you

Packing Materials:

At B & S Moving, we come prepared with all the essential materials needed to safely pack and transport your items for you. We can also provide you with these materials at affordable prices:

  • Double and Triple-Walled Boxes
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Cushion Wrap
  • Fine Tissue paper or Kraft paper
  • Packing Tape
  • Labels

Simply ask us for more details on packing moving your Antiques and Delicates and we will assist you in any way possible for your upcoming move. We can even build custom wooden crates for your larger or oddly shaped, hard to move items.

We go above and beyond any other Houston Movers to ensure EVERYTHING is packed and moved safely from point A to point B. Get your fast response Moving Quote today so we can further assist you with your upcoming move!

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