10 Tips for a successful Garage Sale before Moving in Houston

Moving in Houston is hard enough, lets make your upcoming move a little easier. Yes, having a garage sale is no picnic and is definitely hard work, but following these tips can help you have a successful weekend and lighten your load for you or your Houston Movers for your upcoming Move.

Tip #1:


One of the best ways to advertise for a garage sale today is on Craigslist, because its FREE and now you can even include a map directly on your post of your exact location. You can take the link from your Craigslist post and share it on local Facebook Pages, Groups and on your own wall. Be sure to Tweet about your garage sale too!

Don’t just post text, but rather text AND photos. You can upload up to 8 photos on your Craigslist post, so people can actually see some of the items that will be for sale.

Make sure put signs out a couple days before the garage sale so neighbors and passer-bys will know there will be a garage sale soon. You can use any number of materials to make your signs, or you can buy the pre-made signs, just make sure you put some up. The most important pieces of information you need to include on the sign is “GARAGE SALE” Big and Bold, as well as an Arrow pointing drivers in your direction.

You might even go as far as buying a couple helium balloons to hang on the signs the day of to catch driver’s attention.

Tip #2:

Place Large nicer items out Front

The larger items will catch people’s attention and if they look nice it will encourage people to stop by and see all your other nice items! The larger items may be harder to get rid of, but they are like a flag for garage sale shoppers to stop by. You might lose some potential buyers if they don’t see anything out front that catches their eye.

Tip #3:

Offer Free Items

Put a pile of items that you don’t expect to get any money for in one pile close to the front of the driveway. You should put a large sign next to those items that say’s “FREE” or “FREE PILE” which will also encourage people to stop by. Who doesn’t love free stuff?! If they get out of their car to look at the Free items, odds are they will come take a look at the other things!

Tip #4:

Take Donations from Friends/Family

I personally had a garage sale recently, and I filled up my truck with items my friends and family wanted to get rid of that we successfully turned into cash. The more items you have in your garage sale the more likely people will be to stop and shop. You want your garage and driveway to appear full of goodies.

Tip #5:

Price Reasonably

Many people would rather throw all their items in a truck and donate it than deal with a garage sale. Whatever doesn’t sell in your garage sale you can still take and donate. Even if you feel the item is worthless, getting 50 cents or a quarter is better than nothing!

At the same time, don’t expect to get top dollar for your items either! Keep your prices reasonable otherwise people will just turn away.

Tip #6:

Price Everything

People don’t want to ask how much everything is in your garage sale. Buy little stickers and label every item. Items that are similar like DVD’s can be placed in a box with one price for all, but little toys and trinkets need to be tagged. This will take some time, but is one of the best investments you can make.

Tip #7:

Stay Clean & Organized!

If you items are disorganized and your area is dirty, this is another deterrent to garage sale shoppers. As items start selling, start moving items closer together, consolidate tables if you have to, use shelving if you have some. Tables and Shelves are the best way to display your items. If you don’t have enough room to put all your stuff, ask a neighbor or friend if you can borrow one.

Also, take the time before your garage sale to dust and clean some of your older items. We all know the things we’re selling in the garage sale have probably been collecting dust for some time. Get a damp wash cloth or some 409 and wipe your items clean.

Tip #8:

Use Baggies for Sets

If you have items that have multiple pieces or parts that are loose, such as toys and hardware, use a zip-loc style bag that can contain the pieces. This encourages people to purchase the items because they will be able to get it home without having little pieces falling everywhere, and they’ll know all parts are included.

Tip #9:

Keep Similar Items Together

You should have your items broken down into Clothes & Shoes, Kids Stuff, Home Decor, Books, Furniture, Kitchen Items, Sporting Equipment. If all your similar items are located in one spot, your potential buyers can browse for items that peaks their interest. Some shoppers will look at everything, others will be looking for specific items.

Tip #10:

Label Items Clearly

Sometimes you’ll have boxes of items bunched together that are similar. For instance I had 2 giant boxes full of paint and painting equipment which I put 1 price for the whole box. The box was deep and you were not able to see all items at the bottom. If the box is clearly labeled “Paint & Painting Supplies” there’s no need for people to dig too deep.

We also had a Box full of stuffed animals and those attracted all the kiddos that were stopping by, and any boxes that contain kids items should be placed low so the kids can see them. Use some masking tape or painter’s tape and write what’s in the box. The more organized your garage sale looks and feels the better you’ll do.

Like I stated above, don’t expect to receive $100 for a piece of furniture or electronic equipment. You can list it for a reasonable price, but expect to be haggled. However, don’t let shoppers low ball you on the first day, tell them you could probably get asking price by the last day and they will usually come up.

A little preparation for your Houston Garage Sale will go a long way to help you sell all those unwanted items. This is one of the best things you could do before hiring a Houston Moving Company, because you’ll make a little extra cash and you won’t have to pay someone to move it!