Disassembling Furniture When You Are On The Go

Moving is a challenging, as well as a giant task for any individual. There is a lot to be done when you have to perform house moves or office relocations. A big to do list is there for you and every task on that list seems to be quite challenging. One of these challenges is the furniture removals and moving it from one place to another without it getting damaged. We even find it difficult to move a big piece of furniture from one floor to another then moving it from one house to another is no doubt a very tedious and tricky task.

There are many congested places like hallways and doorways that can create hindrance in moving furniture from one point to another. People who are going to perform this job really need to think about their move before starting their job. Here are few tricks that have been shared with the people who are planning for a move. These tricks can be helpful for both the professional movers, as well as for the do it yourself kind of people. These tips will help them in disassembling the furniture and then performing a smooth move.

First of all, it is desired that the right tools must be collected. For the people who are not professionals in this case, they must bring together all the tools. Obviously, the professional movers or man with van will already have them. These tools will be necessarily required for dismantling any of the furniture items and getting it ready to be packed and moved. For this purpose, the required tools will be the flat head screwdriver (the size must be appropriate according to the furniture screws) and small hex wrench.

These are the two basic tools that are highly required and can help you in bringing the furniture to pieces. After that, you need to thoroughly observe the furniture to find out which part must be dismantled first so that it might get into the size that can easily fit through confined spaces. You must take the measurement of the doorways and the truck entrance so that you can ensure that which pieces are of the size that can easily make their way. This measurement will also let you know that to what extent you have to bring down the furniture into pieces. Stop dismantling the furniture as soon as it is equal to or less than this measurement.

You must try to assess the way in which the furniture items like beds, sofas and drawers are installed. This assessment will help you to dismantle it. It is necessary to assess the structure of the furniture so that you can again assemble it. Do keep in mind that the only thing that is required is not to disassemble the furniture at the end you also have to assemble it. Just look for the point of disassembling and start your task.

Furniture items like shelves, sofa legs, tables and beds are very easy to be dismantled. Always dismantle the furniture items carefully and keep an eye over the screws and other parts so that these might not get damaged or lost. If you are going to lose any of the single screw then assembling will become much difficult for you. Keep all the elements very safely and in safe hands. It is better to get the hardware parts of a certain furniture item attached with it so that these are kept safe. For this purpose, you need to put all the screws, nuts and bolts into a paper bag and then tape it to any part of that furniture item.

Disassembling your own furniture before moving day can save lots of time. At B and S moving we can disassemble all of your furniture for you, but it will increase the amount of time it takes to complete the move. Feel free to ask us any questions or click the button below to submit a moving quote request.