How to Cope if You’re Struggling After a Move Abroad

Living abroad can be a daunting prospect and at times, after a relocation, overwhelming too. Here are a few suggestions enabling you to cope in a new country.

  1. Make new friends
    In some cases, this will be harder to do initially, especially if you are in a country where English is not the first language spoken. It takes time to adjust after a relocation to a new country, so you’ll have to make an effort to get to know your neighbours and the locals.
  2. Learn the language
    If you’re in a country in which English is not the first language, it’s crucial for you to at least attempt to learn the language. Even if you don’t succeed, the local people will appreciate that you’ve made an effort. Invest in a language course if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself
    It’s very easy to stay in your house and insulate yourself from the local people. This is not wise. The longer you take to try to get to know the customs and the people, the harder it will get. Go out and visit the local towns and restaurants.
  4. Join a club
    If you’re feeling lonely, it’s a great idea to join a local club. Find a club or a class which will fit your interests, i.e. fitness, language class, book club etc. After the club has finished for the day, invite one of the classmates out for a coffee or a drink. This is a good way to get to know a local person better and to meet other people who have left your country.
  5. Cut out the negativity
    After moving house, it’ll take time to settle down. The same applies to a recent relocation. It will not help to complain. It may take one or even two years before you feel settled in a new country.
  6. Walking the tightrope
    There is a tightrope to be maintained between keeping in contact with friends or loved ones in your old life and making new friends in your new life. Don’t sever ties with one group to suit the other. Try to find the right equilibrium between the two groups.
  7. Don’t run for the hills
    Some people will give up on a new country before even giving it a chance. They’ll give their new home a few months before packing up their belongings and moving house again. This will cost a person a huge amount in terms of moving costs, including employing another moving company or man with van company to help with their move back to their country. No one should stay in a place where they’re unhappy, but you should stay for at least four months before deciding whether you want to stay in the new country.
  8. Try to find work
    If you have moved to a new country and you haven’t found work, it is important to find some work as soon as possible. There are agencies that can help people who have migrated to find work. It is difficult to find a job in a new country, but you will need to remain positive. Once you have found a job, you will feel more relaxed and will be able to view the country in a different light.
  9. Do something new every day
    It may be that you walk home instead of driving. Perhaps, you could visit a park or go to shop that you haven’t frequented before. Discover something new about the country each day and this way it will still feel like an adventure, not a chore or daunting task.
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