How To Move During A Houston Football Game

When people move homes, the date they choose to move can often be a tricky decision. Trying to corral all of the people involved can often mean settling for a date which is not your ideal choice. Once every few years, it can often be that the big move comes at the time of the big football game. With important games being played every week, this can be a nightmare for those set on watching them. Thankfully, there are always options available for those worried about missing the game, and with multiple games being played on the same day, it can often be vital that you put these tips into practice. Rather than catching the highlights, follow these steps in order to ensure you catch every second.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is check the itinerary. Since time immemorial, newspapers have competed to produce the very best football info, detailing the kick off time of every game and a list of everyone involved. When you have finally come to terms with the fact that the games will be on an important day, make sure to note down the exact times of the fixtures that you will be missing. This can allow you to mentally prepare yourself for the event, accepting that it is highly possible that you will miss these games.

For those who are unwilling to miss the game, however, there are options. If you are willing to sacrifice a smidgen of productivity (and know of a way in which you can convince the others involved in the move), then consider the possibility of having the game on the in background. This method takes a great deal of self-control not to get caught up and it is often beneficial to tune in via radio rather than television, lest you get caught gaping while you should be moving boxes.

A radio commentating on the game can be nice background noise and can keep everyone informed, though will likely hamper overall efficiency. If you do chose to check in with the game somehow, remember to pack the radio or television up after you leave the old home, or you will be sorely disappointed upon reaching the new property.

One of the major benefits of moving during a big game is that most other people will be wanting to watch it. As such, the roads and the drive ways to which you need access will likely be far quieter than usual. In fact, for those who could not care less about the game, this could well be the perfect time in which to move, ensuring that the road ahead is empty and the entire process is far easier than it might otherwise have been.

On arriving at the new Houston home, setting up the device with which you will check in with the game becomes the most important task. Whether you are listening in via radio or television, it always pays to have a backup plan. While the device may have worked perfectly in the old home, there can be no guarantees in the new place. As such, always have a radio powered battery on stand-by, or tune the moving truck’s radio in to the sports station. While not as ideal, and it might not be nearly loud enough, this method will at least let you keep up to date. Likewise, smart phones can use a date connection to perform a similar task, but it might be quiet. Should the worst happen and you find yourself moved into the new home with no means of watching the game, it might just be best to venture out to a local pub and start making friends right away.

If you don’t want to worry about missing any big games, give us a call and we’ll do all the moving for you while you kick back and watch your favorite team win!

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