Packing your Houston House Correctly for your Residential Move

Packing is the most arduous of the processes involved in moving home. You will no doubt understand that you need a lot of time and effort to get the whole things right and done efficiently, and if things are not done correctly, then it can be the source of some serious issues throughout the removal! You will need to give yourself time, space and a decent plan to get the packing done right, and a few helping hints never go too far a miss…

For starters, give yourself the luxury of time, by starting as early as possible. Whilst there is no use in putting things in boxes before the date of the move is set, you can begin to plan a week by week series of packing stages that will ensure that your house is packed up in an easy and efficient way that makes the most of your time, without getting in the way of your life too much. At the end of a difficult removal, many people’s main issues are in not having enough time to get everything done properly, and this can only really be down to bad planning rather than anything else.

The thing is of course that planning is not as easy as it sounds, and can take a bit of time in the first place! So, when you get a chance, a couple of months in advance of the move, sit down with whoever else you are moving with and set out a series of times over the coming weeks that you can be packing, and which bits of the house you will do in which order. It is of course essential that you do not pack anything up that will be needed afterwards, but at the same time, there will be a certain level of discomfort closer to the time of the removal, where you will have to do without certain items…

Packing materials can be quite a drain on your expenses, so it is worth looking in to how you can get things for cheaper. As a rule, try to use as little bubble wrap as is safely possible, as it is expensive, takes up a lot of space and is terrible for the environment. You will find that a few sheets of newsprint or tissue paper will do the same job, but for extremely delicate items, a layer of bubble wrap may be the only thing that allows you to sleep at night!

Finding boxes online for cheap or free is all well and good, but certain second hand boxes may not be suitable for your needs, as they can be a little too battered to be safe. You should never part with cash before having seen the state of the boxes. Ensure that you have loads of tape and wrapping materials before you set about your packing, as running out of something will mean that you don’t get going again until you have been to the shops, which is always an excellent reason for procrastination and getting off target with the packing job at hand!

Ensure that you label the boxes with the room that they are destined for, as well as the contents and the state of the contents, whether fragile or heavy. Adding the destined room will ean that your unpacking process is made easier from the first instance, but be sure to label the rooms in the new house when you arrive, as they will all look pretty similar when empty!

B and S Movers can take care of your packing needs if you need professional help!

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