The Best of Times, the Worst of times… To Move

You may laugh at the idea of having any bearing over when you can move, as most people don’t have a huge amount of control over such a thing. You find a Houston house, and hopefully you can sell yours in time to exchange on it, giving you very little overlap in which to move!

However, if you are looking at the dates, there are a few things that you can do to influence the exact day when you move. You may be wondering what exactly the point would be in choosing the day of the week that you move, but in fact it can have a bearing over how well your removal goes. The fact of the matter is that there are certain factors that come in to play for almost every industry, based around the ways in which people work, that means that the end of the week, and the end of the month are busier.

This is a fairly universal truth, though it does not make that much sense, as people are trying to rush to get things finished before the barrier that the weekend, or the end of the month forms. If you have your moving company booked then you may assume that you need little else, but the fact is that you rely on more than the Houston moving team to get the move going, what about estate agents, solicitors, your bank, etcetera?

Imagine that for whatever reason, a mistake is make in typing in your account number by a clerk at the bank, when your solicitor asks for them to transfer the money, because they are stressed or busy. This could lead to a problem that is not immediately obvious in the funds being transferred, and it can take a bit of time to work out what the issue was. This issue will only be made longer if everyone involved is concentrating on loads of other stuff, as their minds will not be focussed on your issue.

Essentially these sorts of problems could leave you stuck and locked out of the house because the money has not gone through, through no fault of your own. The result is that the moving company needs over time pay, and if you don’t have a waiting times charge waiver sorted, then you could be liable to pay hundreds of dollars extra, depending on how long they have to wait and how big the team is!

If this all goes down on a Friday, then you also have the issue that the next day is not a working day. If the problem is more severe, and is not solved before the end of the working day, then you may well have to put everything in storage and get a hotel for the weekend, which is obviously going to cost you a huge amount. The worst situation is one where you find that the Houston moving company can’t fit you in the week after, and you basically have to pay for the move twice! All this because of the day of the week that you moved house!

Obviously this is a huge dramatization of a situation, but the reality is that these things do happen, and have been documented previously, so it is worth doing what you can to avoid such issues. Ultimately, the best day to move is the day that works best for you and your removals team, but keep the other factors in mind.

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