Preparing for a Student Move

When you are setting out on the task of getting your first move underway, it is very likely that the affair will be flavored with an academic taste, as many modern youngsters, the first step away from the family home is for an educational purpose, and usually involves going to a university. This move will therefore not be as permanent as others, and the amount that needs to be transported is usually a lot lower, so be sure to keep all of this in mind when you are getting yourself ready for the job. There are a few categories under which you can place your concerns, and having them set out in a logical order may well make things a lot easier to digest in terms of sorting through your issues with the move, and ensuring that they are not problems for long!


For a starters, you need to think about packing. If you are the type who usually packs light anyway, then this should not be an issue. If you are moving in to dorms with a single room, then it is unlikely that it will be an issues as well, or at least it shouldn’t be, as the single rooms won’t really take a huge amount of your things in the long run! You need to be pretty selective with what you take, to ensure that you are not overloading yourself unnecessary items. Your transport options will be limited by the amount that you have to move, so be sure that you are completely on track with these things before you even start considering other parts of the move. It might be helpful to get your home wares and crockery at a shop near your new home, as lugging it about on the way there will be a nightmare!


You will find that there are a few options open to you when you move to University. If you have successfully kept your load low, then you may be able to travel by taxi or train. If you have a few more bits and pieces than you can carry, then a car will likely be more useful, and if you are moving in to an actual house for your university year, then you will need to hire a van, as not a lot of furniture is going to fit in a car! If you have a friend who has a pick up truck or a van, then it is well worth finding out if they can help you for a little money, or a returned favor down the line. If not, then you need to weigh up the fiscal implications of a Houston moving service. If you are old enough, then renting a moving van could be an option, though you need to think about whether you can return it to a depot near your new place, rather than having to drive all the way back!


Be sure that you keep costs in mind, though most students feel they have no choice! Booking public transport in advance will save you a great deal, as will sharing costs. If you have to get a van, see if you can find someone else that is going to the same university from your area, and try splitting the cost of the moving van with them, it may make perfect sense. Car share websites are also pretty useful for this sort of thing, and will make it all a lot more affordable.

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