Guide: How to Pack Your Houston Kitchen Before Moving

Naturally, you should make special efforts when packing up any room before your next move. However, your kitchen might be the area that requires the most care and attention in your whole house. Remember, your kitchen is a hub full of fragile items – whether it’s fine china and glassware, or your cooking appliances (if they are indeed moving with you!), there’s a ton of potential for things to get broken in a house moving operation. However, with our help, you can guarantee that everything will reach your new Houston home in exactly the state your former residence left it in!

When packing your kitchen for a move, we recommend you pack dishes in a bucket, or similar ‘circular’ container. While most packing materials are cuboid in shape, packing material companies do manufacture circular moving containers. A circular storage unit is better for plates, because plates are themselves circular of course – this is a more economical use of space, and will ensure that plates don’t knock around in transit, and thus aren’t as susceptible to breaking.

‘Nesting’ items (i.e. putting smaller items inside bigger items) is one of the best moving techniques you’ll ever utilise, too. It saves on packing space, and does your packing for you too. To cushion the plates further, why not use packing peanuts? Many shops sell packing peanuts for private customers who want help with moving. At BandS we have all the packing supplies you may need for your next move!

We also find that using dishcloths and tea towels as padding for fragile items works great too. This saves on moving space, because you’re packing things which need to go anyway! Also, dishcloths make sense because newspapers can transfer newsprint to your plates – easily avoid this by following our kitchen packing advice!

Try packing glasses in boxes that have internal dividers. Forward thinking movers may have saved the boxes they bought their glasses in – for those not quite so cutting edge, don’t worry; you can easily buy boxes with internal dividers from your local Houston moving company. Some liquor stores have boxes with internal dividers as well!

If you are taking your appliances with you, you’ll need some help with packing your¬†kitchen¬†appliances too. If you are taking your fridge with you to your new Houston home, it’s important to note that you’ll need to defrost your fridge and leave it unplugged for some time before moving it – we recommend you do this a minimum of 48 hours before you move! Consult your manual for defrosting advice, because guidance can vary from brand to brand. If you’re finding this a bit tricky, the best moving companies often have specific kitchen appliance preparation, packing and moving services.

It can really be a big help to have assistance from trained professional cleaners for this process – appliances are often bulky, but they can be delicate, and benefit from optimum care. Naturally, you should try to eat up anything in your fridge in the days before you move, and resist purchasing items which you would need to refrigerate.

If all else fails, you can always resort to professional moving services, or professional home packing services, to provide assistance to you in your move to Houston – whatever you need them for, don’t be afraid to get in touch with one!

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