How to reduce the dreaded Stress of Moving!

Many people probably think, is it even possible to move homes stress-free? Well, probably not however there are things that you can do that will help to reduce it. Instead of getting yourself into a sticky situation that leaves you feeling like you want to run a mile, take a big deep breath, follow our stress reducing guide and take control of the situation today.

Things will not go to plan, if there is none!

You may think that you have a plan in mind, but do you really have an established plan of action or is more of a case of you think you know what you’re doing?

Thinking is a good idea, but those thoughts need to be offloaded from your mind and put onto paper. How could you possibly remember to do everything if it’s only stored in your thoughts? Something is bound to go wrong, there is just too much to think about when moving and there is a small chance you could possibly remember everything.

Writing your thoughts onto paper gives you something to refer back to and it helps to relieve some stress because you are not overloading the brain trying to remember all of the things that you need to do. It may seem like the old fashioned approach to take, but writing a to-do list never fails, you simply note all the things that you need to do and tick them off as you go along.

So what’s the plan of action then?

The plan of action does not have to be ordered perfectly, start by listing all of the things that are necessary and then you can put those into order later on.

Here is an example of a to-do list for house movers which could help you:

  • Start as soon as you can, once the move is definitely on the cards you can begin at your Deer Park home. Start by de-cluttering, out with the old ready to start new. Don’t throw everything out though as you may be able to make a little cash from some of your old items (see Garage Sale Tips) and this could contribute towards the move.
  • Once a date for moving is confirmed you can book a date with the Deer Park movers. It does not matter how soon in advance you do this and allowing plenty of time to do it means you have more time to shop around for the best quotes. Booking early should guarantee the date you want whereas a last minute booking could be problematic.
  • Note the addresses that need to be changed and order them so that the more important ones are changed first.
  • Enlist the help of friends and family and tell them well in advance what day the move will happen so that they can make arrangements to ensure that they are free to help you.
  • Think about packing and boxes, are you going to hire this service from a Deer Park moving company or would you prefer to do it yourself? If doing it yourself you may wish to start collecting boxes and asking people to save boxes for you.
  • Think about the property you are leaving, if it’s a rental accommodation you may be required to give it a thorough clean before you vacate it, are you going to clean it yourself or hire a cleaning agency to give a final clean? If you want to hire a cleaning agency you may need to think about getting quotes for that so that you get the best rate.

Moving from home to home will be a little stressful but if time and consideration are put into the process, at least you have a plan to follow and this should ease the burden.

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