Moving with Children

There are offers of a lifetime, which many people are not lucky enough to get. For some of us our job means everything. Others are successfully combining their personal family life with a good and long career, and have learned that to supply their children and to maintain a high standard of living, they will always have to work hard. This part of the working people will do anything to get the better job even if this includes moving, making new friendships and a simple life all over again in completely new place.

Things would be very easy if children are not involved, but once they are born, they are the first one’s you think about.

Moving is stressful for everyone, but for the adults it is a little bit easier, because they at least fully understand why. For the children it is almost inexplicable, they are not chasing a career, they have good friends and nice playground and this seems to be enough.

When the decision is made and moving is the thing that has to be done, it is good to follow a few steps, to make the process less painful and thus it will not leave negative marks in children’s mind.

The first thing to do is to call a family meeting. Cook everyone’s favorite meal and when you are serving the Blue Bell ice cream (Yum!) start to talk about the future. Try to explain it as simple as possible to the kids, allow any questions and try to answer sincerely, otherwise children will feel that there is something suspicious and will be less cooperative when the time comes. It is good idea to tell them they will find much more friends at the new place, who will like them. Also tell them that there will be new more interesting playgrounds, swings and places to visit.

When choosing the new Houston home and evaluating the offers, include the kids in this process. Let them speak their mind about every picture, even try to teach them what to look at when picking a place to live, as this will be useful for them in the future.

It is the perfect moment when you start packing to get rid of everything that is useless, old things that are kept for no reason, but their disposal was always delayed for some reason. Children will see how easy it is to be surrounded only by things that are essential. Some of the old objects can still be useful, but others you can sell and buy something really nice for the kids. If they have not changed their opinion about the moving yet, they might once they see their new presents.

What children love most is letting their imagination free. Use this power and ask them about how they want their new rooms to look like. Of course not every idea will be possible, but with your imagination you can get close enough. The children will feel that their opinion matters and they will be glad to share their ideas. This will make things much easier for the parents, and they do not have to wonder about how to design the new children’s room.

If the place is close enough, it would be a very good idea to visit it a weekend before the real moving. Show the kids some really nice sights of the new location and they will soon start dreaming about it.

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