The Secret to Great Packing

All over the internet, you’ll be able to find guides to best packing practices and hints and tips for best moving processes. However, many of these guides overlook one of the best packing accessories on the market – the humble, sturdy cardboard box.

By this point in world history, we all know what a cardboard box is. They are popularly utilised for packing up items and for house moving services. Apart from being useful in any number of different ways cardboard boxes packaging are also an eco-friendly option. Here are some of the eco-friendly benefits that will inspire you to buy cardboard boxes:

– Cardboard moving boxes are extremely lightweight, so they’re very easy to transport around. They’re built for transportation and storage, and are built economically to make maximum storage space with minimal bulk.
– They are extremely easy to carry (unless you have filled the cardboard moving box with far too much!), and packing them with items, loading and unloading them to and from a moving vehicle and unpacking at the other end is simplicity itself.
– Whilst many would say go the route of buying plastic moving and storage boxes, that’s unnecessary. Plastic moving boxes are not eco-friendly and can be quite dear, when a cardboard box does exactly the same moving service at a fraction of the cost to the environment and your wallet! They truly have no direct competitor in the best moving accessory stakes.

-What we perhaps like best about cardboard boxes is that they are available in a great many shapes and sizes, maximising your choice and options when it comes to conducting a moving service in Houston. You simply don’t get this level of variety and versatility with other moving packing and removal accessory solutions, and this gives them the edge over the competition. They’re also available literally everywhere – all manner of shops both online and offline sell cardboard boxes or have special moving and packing boxes for sale. B and S offers professional grade moving boxes for you next Houston move!

– Cardboard boxes are great because they are reusable. For the environmentally conscious, eco-friendly mover, this must be a major plus. You can use cardboard boxes over and over again, lend or give them to friends and relatives to help them in their moving operations and use them as storage solutions in your Houston home.
– They are also resalable – if you have no space or need for them in your Houston home, and your friends aren’t in need of a cardboard moving box, then nip down to your local cardboard supplier and they will purchase them back from you. They will even take broken, torn and damaged boxes off your hands! Cardboard boxes for moving and removals truly are a great investment and you can buy cardboard boxes online in many places, and also in many shops.
– They are very cheap packing material solutions, and you can buy moving boxes in bulk. This way, you can ensure you are never caught short on moving day. Buy as many cardboard boxes as you like – but we recommend you aim to buy more than you actually think you might need, just in case.
– Better yet, cardboard itself is 100% recyclable, meaning that you can take them to a recycling plant in the knowledge they will find a new lease of life as part of a new item! However you choose to reconstitute your cardboard moving boxes when your moving operation is complete, you can do so in the knowledge that you will be significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

All in all, it’s fair (and safe!) to say we love cardboard boxes for moving and removals in Houston and all over Texas. So will you, so give them a spin today!

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