A Few Tips for Moving an Office

The most essential point that you need to remember when you are moving office is that you are doing so in order to ensure that you are pushing your company forward. Even if you are downsizing the company to make sure that you are not spending too much, it is still a progression in the right direction. This means that your move should not undo the good work that the move is meant to be doing, by getting in the way of business days. Time is money, so make sure that the move is not taking up time whilst also costing you a lot as well!

If you can, designate an individual to take charge of the office in transit. This person or team will need to work in unison with your Houston office moving company to ensure that everything runs smoothly between the business and the movers. You will find that if the communications between the two parties breaks down, then you are very likely to find that things get really difficult very quickly! If you are in a position where things are coming across very clearly between those in the office and the moving company, then things should be pretty easy overall!

Getting a moving company that is used to dealing with office moves is essential. Most residential movers will not be used to the volumes of furniture and machinery that need to be dealt with for a larger office move. In many ways, you will find that a larger mover will have the experience to basically tell you how the office needs to be moved, where as a smaller mover will need guiding through the process!

On a similar note, any one that you are dealing with needs to be shown around the office so that the company has a good idea of what is where. You need to make them aware of the entrances and exits, as well as elevators and staircases that may be difficult to navigate. In the same sense, you should alert the movers to larger items of furniture and the more delicate machinery and technology that needs to be moved before the day of the move, so that there are no surprises. You may find that some desks and tables were built up from flat pack within the rooms that they are in, and will need to be taken apart. A removals company may not be up for doing that, so ensure that such things are covered before the day comes!

Having the company provide a packing service is a good way to ensure that you are not going to have any breakages. The movers will often offer you a packing service that comes with insurance against any breakages, which will prevent you from losing any money on broken equipment. Having packing services in place will also mean that you do not need to take any of your staff off of their regular tasks in order to get packing done for the move, which will help with keeping productivity up until the last possible minute.

Have a filing system set up to ensure that when you get to the new place, your filing is ready to go straight away. You will no doubt find that going digital with your filing is a great way to avoid any of these issues, so perhaps back up all of your files by scanning them in before the move, so that it is a case of moving a hard drive, rather than banks of cabinets!

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