Moving in Houston: 5 Packing Tips

When it comes to moving, the packing often gets put off until the very last minute and ends up being an overnight rushed job that does nothing but cause stress and panic. But with just a bit of thought and planning you can really make packing an enjoyable and useful process. Here are our top tips for an efficient packing experience:

1. De-clutter before you pack

We are a nation of collectors, and there will no doubt be items in our homes that have not seen the light of day for quite some time or perhaps never even used. Take the opportunity when moving to have a real fresh start. Sort through each room one by one, separating everything into ‘must keep’, ‘can go’ and ‘unsure’ piles. Pack everything designated as ‘must keep’ and sell or donate everything in the ‘can go’, which could raise valuable funds for the move itself. The ‘unsure’ pile can go either way, but most people like to re-visit it and divide it up again at a later point. See our Garage Sale Tips.

2. Have some sort of system in place

Try to color code if at all possible with a different colored box or taping for each room and/or type of item, or if not label boxes by room and contents at very least. Not only will this give your Houston Moving Company an easy set of instructions on what to put where in your new home, but it will allow you to settle into the place quickly and easily by unpacking the most important items first without having to open up every single box to find anything. It may sound like a lot of effort initially, but once you arrive at your new abode exhausted after a long day of lifting and moving you will be happy of your decision to go the extra mile.

3. Always pack an emergency box

Phone chargers, essential medication, change of clothes, bedding, some basic toiletries including toilet roll; anything that may be necessary if your move is cross-country or on a large scale and you might not have a lot of time in your new pad before bed time. An ‘emergency box’ should basically contain everything you need to get through 24 hours without the rest of the contents of your house. Should things take longer than expected, or you don’t quite get as much unpacked as you thought you might, at least there is a box full of essentials to dive into ensuring things keep ticking over and low stress levels are maintained.

4. Don’t use newspaper

For glass, china or any other dishware, newspaper can have a tendency to leave black ink residue where the print comes into close contact with the item. Try using paper towels or kitchen roll instead. Not only is it thick and durable but you can re-use it once you unpack.

5. If you don’t have time, admit it!

If you have a family or a busy job or perhaps even both, then moving your Houston home can be an extremely daunting proposition, and identifying enough potential time slots to do some packing an impossible task. If this is the case there are usually options available, as most moving companies tend to offer some sort of packing services such as a full pack and unpack or simply provision of the materials you need to do it yourself. While this will come at a price, this may be fully justifiable if it will save you and your family considerable time and stress. At B & S Moving we provide packing services to help ease the stress of your next move.

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