Packing a Van Effectively to Ensure the Safety of It’s Contents

When it comes to finding a Houston Moving service, you may well want to avoid paying someone for a job that you feel like you can do on your own. This is understandable, especially if you can drive, and are old enough to rent a van yourself. The only issue with this process is that you may miss out on the experience that a professional mover has, especially in the packing of the van, and sensible lifting of furniture. It will be easy to find a friend who can help you lift stuff, but there are things to watch out for in the process that can reduce the likelihood of you regretting going it alone in the first place.

When you are lifting things, it may feel like two people can get a lot done, as the initial sharing of the weight will seem not too heavy. This may well change however when you come to an awkward corner, as the nature of heavy furniture means that it can be extremely difficult to get things maneuvered through tight spaces without damaging the property, the furniture or yourselves. Indeed, dropping an item, or lifting something in a bad way can result in serious injury, whether to the back, knees or neck, which can stay with you for years, potentially only really becoming a problem in later life. You will likely find that a little research on safe lifting techniques will put you in good stead towards getting things moved without any issues.

The main thing that takes a little experience to really learn well enough to get it right every time is packing the van. Drivers who are used to their van will know exactly how to lay things out in the back in order to avoid breakages. Whether you are concerned about a large item sliding across the back and smashing another up, or a chest of drawers falling over and getting damaged itself, it is always easily solved. It usually revolves around a certain degree of common sense, but not knowing how slippery a surface is, or how likely to move an item may be can lead to some serious issues for the uninitiated. It is best to prepare yourselves with a set of materials that will reduce these risks and protect your items whilst in transit.

Find yourself a few large pieces of cardboard, from an old box for a fridge or a television, and you can use this to wedge between items that may be prone to rubbing against each other. If you are concerned about two surfaces slipping away from each other, then you can place the cardboard flat between them to increase the friction between smooth surfaces. Blankets are also good for protection in these cases, but it is usually the case that they will only increase the slippery nature of these issues. Having Heavy things in the van to anchor things that are prone to moving can be useful, especially if the compartment is not that full, a spare tire or purpose made weight will do the trick, but a heavier item of furniture amongst the things that you are moving will always do the trick if it is placed strategically.

Think carefully about the moves that the van will be making, and how this will affect the things in the back, and you should have no problems. In fact, enough thought about these sorts of things in advance will put you in good stead to move your items in a safe, efficient and economically balanced way!

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