Self-Storage – Budget Boxes

There is no way to disguise it, moving homes can be both a stressful and expensive experience. From the moment you initiate a move to the moment you execute it, expenses will need to be paid. However, even though the process of moving everything you own will be costly, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas in which you can cut costs. The first and most important step in saving money when moving is to look at the boxes you use.

Where to begin?
Boxes are arguably the most key element of the moving process, due to being the only product that is versatile enough to hold any and every item from within your home. You will need to box up practically everything before you move and do so with meticulous care and attention, in order to maintain the condition of your possessions. The sheer quantity of boxes needed for a move is what makes them a necessary and costly expense, but it doesn’t have to be that way, as free alternatives to ‘paid for boxes’ are available.

Supermarkets encounter hundreds upon hundreds of boxes every single day; this is something that can play into your favour. It gives the savvy movers out there the chance to get their hands on a large amount of boxes of all different shapes and sizes. Most supermarkets are happy to have someone take boxes off their hands, but it means they are available on a strict first come first service basis. Give yourself the best chance at getting some by calling around and getting local stores to put them to one side for you if possible. It may be possible to collect them by showing up, but doing it this way means you will be running the risk of leaving empty handed.

Retail Stores and Department Outlets
Much like supermarkets, retail and department stores receive a mass of deliveries on a near daily basis, meaning that there are plenty of spare boxes floating around. Stores in question really have little to no room for excess boxes and it could be a goldmine for those who want to acquire a lot of boxes for little to no cost. However, unlike supermarkets retail stores have limited space for excess boxes and will need them gone sooner rather than later. This means that even though there are usually plenty of boxes to go around, the window to collect them is small.

Corner Shops
If you are at a push or simply need a smaller amount of boxes, it may be worth enquiring at your local corner shop. They will have boxes in smaller numbers, especially when compared to supermarkets and other retailers. But, they will receive less enquires for them and will have smaller boxes on hand in a larger abundance.

Local Warehouses
Are there any warehouses local to where you live? If the answer is yes, then there could be a whole host of boxes available to you for free. Warehouses can be a box treasure trove, as they probably acquire more boxes on a daily basis than the above three outlets combined. It means that you could realistically get enough boxes to cover your entire move in one go if you time it right. The problem when it comes to acquiring boxes from a warehouse usually comes in the form of finding someone to approach. This is because you will need someone to authorize the collection and finding such person may not be easy. However, if you’re patient and do your homework, then acquiring boxes from a local warehouse could be a great money saver.

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