The Easiest Ways to Move a Bed

Your bed is one of the key parts of your life. You spend more time in your bed than almost any other place. When moving, many will choose to take their bed with them. It might mean a lot, with a great deal of sentimental value, it might be a very expensive and excellent bed, or the new Houston property might simply not contain a replacement so it is a question of necessity. As such, moving a bed will be an important part of the move, but it remains one of the most difficult parts. Due to the cumbersome nature of the piece of furniture and its typical location, moving the bed is hard. Here are a few tips to make sure you do not do too much damage to yourself or your bed.

The first step is to take a tape measure and get a good understanding of the dimensions of your bed and the dimensions available throughout the old and new properties. Make sure that doors are wide enough and ceilings high enough. Consider the physics of staircases which bend in the middle and make sure that the process of moving the bed is a feat accomplishable by actual human beings. Pay special attention to the angles at which you might have to hold the bed: at some points, while the bed may just fit, it may have to be held in such a manner that hinders your progress. Perhaps have a trial run, in which you consider the best grip with which to hold the bed.

The next step is to remove the mattress and the bedding. The bedding can be packaged separately, though take care not to place it at the bottom of a box: moving into your new place may take longer than you think, and bedding is one of the item to have close to hand should you need to collapse exhausted at the end of the day. The mattress should be considered in a similar fashion to the bed itself. While smaller, and more maneuverable, mattresses are noted for the difficulty of moving them over any great distance due to their awkward shape and weight distribution.

If possible, it might be easier to take the bed apart into its individual pieces. Most modern beds are simple constructions which will allow you to dismantle the bed with a standard set of tools. The bed will come apart into several smaller (though still large) components. Moving these pieces individually will be easier and less space consuming than if you are forced to transport the bed as one unit.

Note: When taking apart the bed, if that is what you have chosen to do, take care to consider the order with which it was disassembled and which screws and dowels were placed where. Making a mental note of this information will ensure that you are able to piece together the bed in a much more timely manner once in the new property.

Take the screws and dowels and any other vital yet small components and place them in a small strong bag. Seal this bag shut and place it in a memorable place. It might be a good idea to tape the small bag to the bed itself, or at least one of the larger pieces, so that you do not have to search too far when putting the bed back together.

Once the bed is in the van, you can begin your journey to your new destination. When you arrive, reassembling the bed is a matter of working backwards through the process. Making sure you have somewhere to sleep on the first night is essential, so take great care when packing and moving your bed.

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