Packing your Belongings for Houston Storage

When it comes to ensuring that your items are stored safely, the way that they are packed is everything. You will obviously know that while the items are locked up, they should not move at all, nor be moved by anyone other than you, so the likelihood of any damage in this way is pretty much impossible. However, there are issues that you need to watch out for, and failure to protect against them could result in a nasty shock as you return to the storage unit to find that your belongings are in very bad shape! At the end of the day, you will hopefully have put things in storage so that you can use them or sell them on in the future, and damage will mean that you have effectively paid for them to lose value over a number of months!

One of the most common issues that people have with leaving things in storage over time is damp. While many Houston storage places will protect against it, it is still essential that you are doing so as well, just in case. Some less ‘official’ storage places, like a rented barn or shed can be particularly prone to becoming damp, and should you become a victim of it, then the savings for the place will not have been worth it by the end! The best way to protect against dampness is to wrap things tight with plastic. Some storage places offer the service, but a sheet of cling film style wrap for furniture, similar to the stuff they use in airports for luggage, will mean that you are able to get your goods protected for fairly cheap. Be sure that they are wrapped well, and that no air can get in to the items. This is particularly important for fabrics, as they are particularly susceptible to mold, but also metal and wood can be affected, so it is worth protecting them as well.

Again, more prevalent in less well maintained storage places,¬†pests¬†will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Insects and rodents are the main ones, as most larger animals can’t fit through the gaps in the building that you have stored your things in. Be sure that you cover all clothing and fabrics that are going to be left for a while in moth repellent or leave moth balls in the unit. Returning to find that a sofa has been eaten, or your favorite clothes are destroyed is not going to be a happy moment. The same goes for rodents who love to chew wood and fabrics. Plastic wrap will prevent this for a while, especially insects, but the fact is that many pests can chew through plastic, and will rather enjoy doing so. If you are concerned that there may be rats or mice in the place where you are storing your items, then it is a good idea to install traps for them, though you should check them regularly, to prevent a dead rat stinking up your storage unit!

As a result of combined factors of the above, and other things, dirt can be a real issue, so be sure to clean the unit out, or get the management to do so if you are not happy with how it is presented to you. Your belongings need to stay as pristine as possible, so do not stand for dirty storage, as you will likely end up spending quite a lot of money on your storage over time.

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