Tips on How to Move as a Military Spouse with a Permanent Change of Station

As a partner to a military person, you will be all too familiar with moving around as part of a permanent change of station (PCS) it may seem like you only just unpacked to have to repack all you belongings and start the whole process again. Living with a PCS will not enable yourself and your family as much time to plan a long term move. You may be very used to the idea of moving constantly or you still may dread at just the thought of the fact, every time you move, below are some tips on how to make you military PCS move more stress free.

Try to avoid too much clutter.

It will be much easier and quicker if you only accumulate items that you really need and will be in use. Keep all unnecessary items and possessions back home with friends or family if possible or rent out a long term storage unit. This will be far more easier that carrying around all unnecessary but sentimental items that you will cherish once you have settled back home.

It may be beneficial to pack a moving kit

Apart from your over night essential your moving kit should include every thing tailed to your personal needs and may include:

  • A personal family emergency folder, this should include essential items such as your passports, medical card, any travel or health insurance, bank details and a list of emergency contacts.
  • Your home’s contents inventory
  • The moving company’s information including all contact details, any hotels or airlines information to avoid delays.
  • box cutter or a scissor, this will save you routing through all your items when trying to unpack your belongings.
  • A camera will also come in handy if there is any damage or problems in your new home. By taking a quick picture, that will enable you to receive your full deposit back.

The Military will help by giving advice and briefing so try and attend such meetings. Theses can be especially useful when moving from continent to continent. Such briefings will enable you to make a timeline of your move and a thorough checklist of items you may have over looked.

As you will be traveling more lightly than a general move, it is important to put some money aside for those little essential items that you may not have been able to take with you, once you are in your new place you will discover many items that will be needed.

No doubt wherever you will be stationed, make sure not to pack any dangerous objects or any items that could leak during transit. The last thing you need is to have a box full of your belongings ruined by unexpected leaks. Try to remove all batteries from your electronic items, these too can start to leak after some time.

Try to streamline your possessions so you do not weight down yourselves by carrying unnecessary items. There are several charities who will gladly collect your unwanted items. This will also give you the opportunity to have a good sort out of your possessions and put them to a good cause and rest assured that someone will get good use out of your unwanted goods.

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