Houston Removal Services for Hoarders

If you have inherited a house through a will of a family member who has recently passed away that had a hoarding problem, you can be in an awkward situation trying to find the right service that can fully assist you. The home of the deceased could be in a dire state and in need of a total clean out. An elderly relative or family member who is having to leave home to go into residential care, may also present a similar situation, with you needing to work out suitable arrangements for the house to be cleaned up to ship shape so that you can sell it. Or it was lived in by a council housed member (which local government might need involvement in), to allow new tenants in.

Since most removal services will deal with home moves based on your load, dealing with a unique situation such as this can be problematic for all involved because of the nature of the move. Because of the grime and muck associated with the lifestyle of a hoarder and the state of their house as a result, you will likely have great difficulty finding a removal service happy to help out shifting furniture hidden under the depths of newspapers piled up high for example. With specialists in dealing with the after effects (or current impact) of hoarders, life can be made easier with the assistance of professionals well versed in this field.

Removal specialists that work with special training and equipment, with years of experience and practice in this field of work and working environment are best placed to deal with this kind of move. They can provide a cleanup, rubbish removal and full disposal service for domestic as well as commercial customers. Rubbish removal can be significantly expensive if trying to do it yourself, given the cost of gas and journey times to local rubbish plants, along with the manpower to move it all from your vehicle to the rubbish collections.

The task of cleaning can be a mountain to climb itself (perhaps literally, if everything kept has piled up to a ridiculous state within the house!). If you are intending to sell the house or even consider renting, then it needs to be deep cleaned. Dealing with the hoarded rubbish and junk cluttering up the house is just the start unfortunately! A complete clean will get through every layer of built up filth and free up otherwise contaminated areas.

This level of decontamination and odor removal is not exactly for anyone who is not trained in the specifics, or for the faint of heart! Also, not forgetting that there are specific legal requirements that need to be followed when dealing with biohazards; locating and safely removing any trace of them. Biohazards like drug needles, blood (drug use can cause further disease, so any blood in carpet could carry blood borne diseases needs special treatment etc.) and body fluids will need special care and treatment.

Dealing with junk and rubbish not at all worth keeping (no matter how much the hoarder protests!), a movable dumpster can be taken to the house for filling and once full, removed again, with the contents dealt with appropriately. Otherwise a suitably sized truck or van can be used to help transport the rubbish away.

Trained staff will be able to help through the process of sorting and organizing the mess; splitting different items according to their status and method to be dealt with. If the hoarder is still hoarding, there is also the counseling needed to support this move, and empathetic approach needed to ease along, which the firm should be fully capable of.