To Bed: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on your Moving Day

There are times in everyone’s lives when beds are needed. For example, when you get off a trans-Atlantic, red-eye flight, or when you’re feeling ill, or when you need somewhere private to escape the world. Beds are personal, comforting and invaluable. Losing the space where you re-charge your batteries to face the world can cause stress and disorder, which is clearly the last thing you want to happen when you are relocating all of your worldly possessions. You will need to be on top form. So read on to find out how to guarantee a good night’s sleep at the end of your final moving day.

When you are moving houses, the point at which the beds shift to the other location will dictate the actual ‘move’. You may have been back and forth to your new Houston property, if it is empty you may even have moved some of your possessions into it, but you will not have ‘moved’ until the day your bed arrives at your new home. Sleeping there means you now live there. It is a momentous moment.

It is usual that the day the bed arrives at its destination is not the same day that the linen was packed into boxes. Linen lives in a cabinet generally and does not tend to be a day-to-day concern, so it is a prime target for early packing. If you would prefer to end up in your new property with a reasonably clean bed, change the sheets just before you pack the linen. Then, for added ease, learn how to ‘pack’ a bed:

  1. Make the bed as normal but do not tuck anything in, bottom sheet included.
  2. Fold the sides into middle so that you end up with a fat sausage shape (including bottom sheet).
  3. Put the pillow(s) into the middle and roll the whole lot together as tightly as you can. Secure it with string, or by placing it in a bin bag, and this will become your bedroll. Your vital accessory to a restful night.

It is important to keep these bedrolls with you, along with the kitchen box, preferably in your car. At the very least make it exceptionally clearly labelled and try not to lose sight of it. Arriving, exhausted, at the end of a long day with no bedding must be one of the most miserable things to experience during your move.

The potential for disorder during a house move is tremendous; even with the most meticulous planning and arrangements. And it will not necessarily be anyone’s fault; things go astray, boxes end up in the wrong room, the linen box that was so obvious you thought you wouldn’t need to label it can’t be found, and woe betide anyone who sneaked a hairdryer into a space that wasn’t in a bathroom box. When your bed is assembled in its new position, your wardrobe is against the wall beside it, you are on your last legs nearly crying with exhaustion and surrounded by a million boxes, you will be incredibly thankful that you know exactly where your bedroll is and you can recharge your batteries.

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