Keep Calm and Move House: A Stress-free Move for your Dog

It is widely agreed that moving Houston houses can be a stressful experience for purchasers and vendors alike. However there is also someone else who is affected too and rarely gets considered – the family pet. Dogs are creatures of routine and intensely loyal to their owners; any change of circumstances can upset them badly. So why not take the time to read through our handy hints and tips below to minimize any damaging experience for your dog.

It goes without saying that if possible your dog should be put into boarding kennels for at least the duration of the actual move, i.e. relocating possessions. Ideally however it is best to put your dog into kennels for two to three days either side of the move, in order to avoid your much-loved pet being exposed to significant changes in his living space. But – this is a costly option and many cannot afford to do this, especially in view of the costs of moving houses. In addition to which, dogs often dislike being away from their owners intensely so there’s a risk of causing more distress. And there are other ways to keep your pet as happy as possible.

Try to keep the animal’s routine as normal as possible for as long as possible. If he is normally walked first thing in the morning, take care to keep to that. Feed him the same time each day, in the same place. Packing can always be done in and around your pet’s requirements. Do bear in mind that having packing boxes and bags stacked around his home can be very unsettling for a dog so regular reassurance and the random treat will go a long way to helping him keep calm. The day before your Houston move make sure that you take him for a long walk, five miles or more ideally, so he is well-exercised before moving day and therefore more inclined to sleep during the most disruptive part of the process.

To avoid causing sickness during the journey, or simply through sheer anxiety, take care not to feed your dog too much immediately prior to the move. A small amount of biscuits, or dry food is best. Depending on how many adults are needed to help with packing or moving, it is a nice idea to have a nominated person who stays nearby the dog at all times. This could be a willing friend, a kind relative or a helpful neighbor. Their role would be to oversee the wellbeing of the pet, ensuring they are not too anxious and providing plenty of cuddles and love. If you decide on this course of action, do advise the nominated dog carer not to stray too far from the animal.

When you reach your Houston area home, it is very important that you immediately place your dog’s bed, water and food bowls down where he can easily reach them. Familiarity will be important to him after such a momentous change. Encourage him to lie in his bed for a while, with his nominated person sitting beside him if necessary. And finally, do check that the new yard is secure, with all access points barred to the dog – a dog in a new home can become something of a Houdini!

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