Moving a Fridge-Freezer

Removal of fridges and freezers may seem like a simple concept. However, if you are one of those who has ever made a mistake when preparing to transport them, you will know that there are some practical and handy hints to follow.

If you are taking your freezer to your new Houston home, you should not turn it off until the very last minute. A large freezer that is full will keep itself frozen for over 24 hours. It is better to keep it topped up – which goes against the ‘we’re moving and should therefore empty it’ ethos. The movers know that freezers are ‘last on, first off’ the list, and that they go against every normal moving rule… they need to be as heavy as possible!

If you are leaving an integral freezer in the kitchen, that should also stay switched on for as long as possible. It will only have to be emptied when the electricity meter readings are done and the power is not yours to use anymore. At this point all the products should be individually wrapped in newspaper because, newspaper is an excellent insulator. Put a layer of newspaper at the bottom of the box, then put a layer of frozen produce wrapped in its newspaper, followed by another layer of newspaper, produce, paper etc., until the box is full. Finish with a layer of paper and then tape it up as securely as possible to keep the air out. This is the best chance of keeping your food frozen.

Fridge contents will also benefit from being wrapped in newspaper, and it might prevent milk going off and upsetting your moving men when they require a cup of coffee in your new Houston property.

A tape measure may be the best thing to keep to hand when you are moving and don’t be put off by reluctant workers. If they disappear without the freezer being in the correct room, do ask yourself the question of when are you going to find a whole team of strong men again? Measure the dimensions of the freezer, door widths, corners, and obviously the spot where you intend the freezer to be placed. It wouldn’t be nice to guess the outcome if the men were to struggle down narrow hallways with the heaviest item you possess, only to find that it didn’t fit and you were forced to ask if they could take it back out again.

Some Houston movers will assist in plumbing for your appliances too. They won’t advertise their skill, and they’re certainly not obligated to, but experience and probably a few tearful women have encouraged their expertise. Rather than ‘doing’ the job, they will ‘help’ you if you ask very nicely.

As with any service that you require, every effort should be made to select the moving company that most matches your needs and that you feel you can trust. They will be dealing with your life… your most valuable possessions and your most personal ones. You will need to have confidence that Grandma’s old tea set will reach its destination unscathed and that your favourite designer jeans will not have acquired a few blobs of dirt. Three estimates from different companies will probably clarify what you want. Some companies will do everything whilst you take a break. You just live in your Houston home as normal until the moving date and then you move into a hotel. They will pack up your home and redistribute your belongings at the new house, so that all you really have to remember is your new address.

This is a common procedure when moving abroad. Some companies will pack and redistribute the kitchen only, because how do they know where you want your furniture? The kitchen is unpacked rapidly anyway because everyone is desperate for a cold drink at the destination. Some pack without unpacking, some don’t pack at all and just arrive to load the boxes, and at the very end of the scale you could pack everything yourself and hire a van.

If you are moving from one flat to another and can fit everything into the car it makes no sense to involve any Houston moving companies, but as you get older you tend to collect possessions. It really doesn’t matter if they are worth money or not, the stuff you surround yourself with will be valuable to you. You need to know that whoever you chose to transport your things will do it respectfully and responsibly.

When you arrange for estimates, pick one at the top of the scale, one in the middle, and one at the lower end. You will probably be amazed. At the top end of the scale you may find an expensively suited gentleman who turns up with a clipboard and stays for two hours examining your home in every detail. He may then to sit in your kitchen for another two hours explaining how everything would be packed in the best quality bags and boxes, and how many lists will be produced. This type of person is unlikely to be in favor of you getting ahead of the game and beginning the packing yourself. He may well want to be in control. It’s not the company for you if you want to retain control of the decisions.

At the other end of the scale you will find companies who you will not even meet a member of before moving day because everything is completed online. You fill in an online form telling them how many bedrooms you have and then click on what they assume you own. Consider the middle-of-the-road moving company; you may just find that they have enough flexibility to suit you.

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