Tips for Moving your Belongings Overseas

Of all the moving scenarios, moving to another country has to be one of the most challenging. Not only do you have think about packing and moving furniture, but you will also need to think about packing and shipping your belongings abroad. 

The logistics involved are quite complex and, in order to get them right, you will need to invest some time to research.

Do your research on the best removal company for your specific needs. You will find that some companies specialize in shipping to specific countries. This can be especially helpful in a community of expats since the moving company will know the best way of shipping your belongings (i.e. if it is going to be sent to a distant country). Groups in social networks where you can post suggestions or questions will come in handy at a time like this.

It is also worth checking the current legislation regarding the import of personal belongings of the country you are going to be sending the stuff to. It is best to do this as the first step, before you even hire a moving company or think about costs. You will save yourself a headache if you do this. Some countries may have very specific restrictions about the items being sent to that country, even if they are classified as personal belongings. You may even have to travel and be present yourself when the items arrive to avoid being charged with import duties. This is something to take into account if you are sending many items that are similar (i.e. books) otherwise the authorities may think you are importing them with a commercial business in mind.

Shop around and see which companies offer freebies (for example free boxes and tape) to help you make up your mind. Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit more than having to worry about getting appropriate boxes and packing materials in addition to dealing with the logistics of the move itself.

If possible, have accurate scales nearby. Digital scales, you will find, work better than needle operated ones. Health and safety regulations do not normally allow for boxes to weigh over 75lbs or 35kg. Pack your boxes accordingly.

Separate your belongings and pack all the fragile items together, books together, utensils together, etc. This will also be an excellent time to get rid of all the stuff you no longer need. You can even make some extra money by selling all the stuff you are not going to need in your new home. You can advertise your belongings online, hold a garage sale at home among your friends or simply take the stuff you don’t need to a charity.

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