Tips for Shipping Large Items Overseas

During our lives we collect amazing amounts of personal belongings in various shapes and sizes. From large framed pictures to huge pieces of furniture or appliances, we are often faced with a serious job when we need to move away to a new place. When that is said and done, what can we do to alleviate the issue and turn it to our advantage?

You should prepare ahead of time for your moving efforts as the more time you spend on planning, the less time you’ll spend dealing with the aftermath of unexpected problems. Downsizing your Houston home from items you don’t need anymore will give you an edge when you need to move. The results will be obvious as you’ll have a cheaper move combined with less hassle. The following tips will aim on some of the most commonly moved items, but this time due to moving the overseas this makes them a special case.


Moving a piano is an experience you won’t soon forget if you’ve ever gone through it. They are heavy, bulky and very difficult to move in one piece without damaging them in some way. They are also impossible to move alone unless you possess the strength of a superhero, so this is where professional help comes in. Houston moving companies that focus on long-distance and overseas moving will have experience that proves invaluable in moving an object of that type across oceans and countries.

Many pianos are more than 800 pounds heavy and require quite a bit of maneuvering to get them through the windows of your common home. Forget about doors as they are often far too narrow to accommodate an object of that size and shape. The slightest impact can knock the piano out of tune at least, and harder impacts may even damage its inner workings.

You should always ensure you are working with an expert in moving as moving a piano is a very sensitive task that requires a light, careful touch. Make sure you do a lot of research on the subject by contacting as many companies as possible and checking for references and online reviews. You don’t want to make a mistake in this as your piano may end up ruined.

Large Furniture

A lot of the bigger pieces of furniture around your Houston home can be also be a bit problematic if you’re not careful. If you’re in possession of an armoire you will likely have some difficulties getting it through your doorways. In that case you will likely need to completely disassemble it so you’ll be able to deal with it in an efficient manner.

You can also do your best to remove such large pieces through your windows in a manner similar to that how one would move a piano. Before you move out large items like that you should talk to the homeowner or landlord so you’ll figure out whether its safe to move things through the windows without risking too much damage. In some cases you may even have an easier time by talking to them as they may even ask you to sell such items to them, to save you the hassle and provide the next tenants with an extra piece of furniture.

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