Which Tools Make A Big Difference When Moving a Bed?

If you are new to moving, you might be interesting in figuring out which tools might be best suited to helping you enjoy an easy move. When it comes to professional removals, there is very little in the way of specialist tools which might be familiar to the layman. Rather, the industry is typically built on experience and knowledge; finding innovative and useful ways to use traditional and standard tools. When it comes to moving your Houston home, there are a few tricks you can employ with a standard tool kit which can make your entire experience a great deal easier.

The first tool and one which is used a huge amount in the trade is the simple screwdriver. Screws typically come with two types of head, flat and phillips. Flat is the straight line you see on top of a screw, while a phillips fitting is the cross, the positive symbol. As such, there are two types of screw driver allowing users to screw and unscrew at their leisure. When it comes to moving, it might seem that there is very little use for screws, but when it comes to moving furniture, the ability to take apart a bed can be a huge help. Rather than carrying a large and unwieldy piece of furniture down a twisting flight of stairs, breaking the piece down into its individual parts will allow the removals team to move all of the pieces individually, which is far easier.

The only issue with this plan is that both the screws and the method must not be forgotten, otherwise putting the furniture back together might be difficult. Keeping a small plastic box or bag can be useful for storing individual screw whilst moving home, especially if you are able to transport them in the same way and place as the bed.

One of the most useful items when moving home allows the user to get a great deal of protection for their possessions whilst not seeming like a tool at all. Correctly used, the protective qualities of tape can be hugely underrated. Whether it is allowing the mover to attach bubble wrap to a delicate item or sealing up a box, tape is always on hand to provide a fantastic help. It can also be used to protective edges against dents and nicks. If moving a large piece, laying a simple piece of tape along a prominent end can take the blow if the item happens to come into contact with anything during the time in the moving van.

A slightly larger tool which is often found around the building site which can be hugely helpful if you can planning to move home without any help is a hand trolly or dolly. Similar to a wheelbarrow, but tall and thin where the wheelbarrow is short and squat, a hand trolly allows you to pick up and move heavy items in an easy manner. If you have a stack of cardboard boxes which need to be moved, a hand trolly can be a massive help. It allows the user to take the items right from their room to the moving truck itself.

For all of those instances where finding the right and perfect tool seems like a job only suited to professionals, it might be that a simple hammer could be ideal. While it may seem like a brutish method, a few hammer blows can fix quite a few niggling issues, whilst also providing a great deal of satisfaction for everyone involved. When it comes to moving your Houston home, it might surprise you to find out just how helpful a hammer can be.

At B&S Moving Company, we have all the tools needed to safely move all your belongings to and from your new home or office. If you are not comfortable with using any of these tools, we recommend calling the professionals at (281) 810-9480 for a free moving estimate.

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