A List of Companies You Need to Contact Before Your Next Houston Move

There are so many things to think about while you are in the process of moving, there will be a long list of businesses that you will are required to inform before and after your next Houston move, by failing to inform certain companies can cost a lot of time, money and inconveniences. It is important that you inform your electricity, gas and telephone suppliers beforehand has such services can take time to disconnect and reconnect if you still wish to use the same service supplier. There are online services that you can use, that will make a database of all your service providers, enabling you not to forget any critical companies that you will be required to inform.

Here are some tips on who to inform regarding your house move:

Your communication providers

Such communication providers will include your mobile and house phone, internet service provider and your broadband supplier. Many of us use the same company for several of these services due to a package deal, if you chose to stay with the same providers, you should let them know the date you are going to move so you will not be charge for services at your previous property, you could also transfer your home telephone number to your new address, this will be easier than letting all your contacts know of your new telephone number. If you do not want to transfer your old number you may be able to take over the line at your new home. If you use different providers for different services then you will need to contact each provider to inform them of your move.


Your taxes are based upon your location, if you are moving to different area you will need to inform the local authority that you are moving from your area, this can also be done easily online.

Gas & Electric

Your Electricity Supplier will require approximately one weeks’ notice, it is advisable to do a meter reading before you move and take a reading of the meter in your new home, this will ensure that you will not get charged for electricity you have not consumed.
It is also advisable to inform your gas supplier again approximately one week before you move, as with the electricity take a meter reading in your old and new home.

Home Insurance

It is vital that you contact your home¬†insurance¬†company and transfer your policy to your new home on the date you are set to move in, it is advisable to inform them at least two weeks before you move to ensure your policy is put in place when you move, don’t forget about any other insurance policies that need to be change such as your car, travel and pet insurance.

Redirect Mail

Don’t forget to redirect your mail to your new address this will save time and money in the long run and ensure you do not miss any important documents that you are expecting via the mail, you can set this up for different durations to ensure you get all you post and can then change addresses with such companies has you receive the mail.

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