Cost Effective Packing Tips and Essential Items for your Houston Move

Moving Houston homes can be stressful enough without the extra worry and expense of the packing materials needed and trying to be environmentally friendly whilst doing so.

There are however options to ensure your valued possessions arrive safely at your new Houston home, whilst saving money and being green. 

Cardboard Boxes

Buying cardboard boxes can turn out to be an extra expense to your moving budget, but if used lightly the boxes can be reused has cardboard boxes are extremely versatile with numerous uses, the beauty with cardboard boxes is that they can be folded flat and stored in a dry environment for years, so if you move again the boxes are on hand and also labelled, so can be used for the same items or rooms has your previous move, again saving time and money whilst being environmental friendly.

Plastic Boxes

Another great idea is to use plastic containers with lids, theses can be bought cheaply from any store, DIY department or online stores that can be directly delivered to your door, they also come in a range of sizes and colors, thus enabling the ease of sorting items in the coloured coordinated boxes whilst unpacking in your new Houston home. For example blue boxes for the bedroom, red for the kitchen etc. Most plastic containers are stackable, this saving on storage, and the great thing with plastic boxes is that if choosing a transparent boxes it’s easy to see the contents of the box, they can also be reused for a wide range of everyday households needs such as laundry containers, toy boxes and storage for numerous household goods.

They are also easy to carry with side handles and with lockable lids offering a secure storage system, the plastic boxes can also been cleaned in case of spills.

When on a budget move or trying to be environmental friendly whilst moving, it is helpful to save your old newspaper several weeks before hand to wrap breakable items in particular kitchen wares, the newspaper can then be recycled after use, this saves money on expensive bubble wraps and wrapping papers, also by filling any gaps in the boxes with tea towels, pillow cases and clothing ensures a safer well packed box which will be more secure during transit.

If using cardboard boxes then packing tape is essential, depending on the amount of boxes you have this can also add to expenses, it may be beneficial to look online for bulk deals that will save money in the long run.

Whether you choose plastic or cardboard boxes for your Houston move, it is a good idea to pack one box that holds all your essential moving supplies, making life easier in your new home.

Essential items for the first night in your new home

  • Bed Lining, after an exhausting day routing through your boxes can be stressful, having your bed lining at hand will ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • The four T’s ~ Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Towels and Toilet Roll
  • Light bulbs an easy to forget item but vital has night time falls.
  • Scissors a good pair of scissor is essential especially if using cardboard boxes to cut the tape.
  • Toolbox a must for assembling furniture.
  • Torch or Candles, ideal for any emergency or to explore awkward places with little or no light.
  • Cleaning Supplies, choose a multi surface cleaner that will clean a wide range of surfaces.
  • A toiletry bag that is full of essential such as soaps, shampoo and conditions.
  • Trash Bags are a must to ensure a quick and easy clean up whilst unpacking.
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