Moving is not only a Day in Which You Transport Your Belongings from one Place to Another

Moving is a range of activities and organizational matters which must be taken care of early enough to make the process less stressful. Below is a sequence of steps on how to make it happen effectively.

First and the one of the most important thing to remember is to notify all the Houston or local utility companies about your move. Some of them require 30 days notice so they have to be cancelled early enough to avoid additional costs. Other companies will offer you a possibility of transferring you with your contract. It’s always better to check the area where you moving for availability of services before you make any decisions.

You should make the decision; are you going to move using a Houston moving company or are you confident in doing it yourself. If you decide on moving company remember to book it early and make sure that the company is reliable and that they have relevant insurance in case your items get damaged. Also take in to consideration vehicle rentals. Van size is an important factor, especially if you are travelling a long distance. Booking a transit van and doing 3 trips is pointless if the fuel costs outweigh the fees of the next van size up. If you do decide to do it yourself make sure that you have enough manpower to make the removal process as smooth as possible.

Beginning the packing, start from putting your belongings in order. Moving is the time when you can actually decide what belongings you really need and what can be thrown away. Items you still frequently use need to be packed last. Make sure that all your important documents are easily accessible. Remember too about children, clothing levels and kitchen equipment you may need to keep the younger ones fed and watered. Fragile items in their own boxes, wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and the box clearly marked ‘this way up’. The rest of your items should be organized according to the rooms which you would like to have them in. Put heavier items like books in smaller boxes, again label if necessary.

An average house hold will require around 20 boxes per room and additional 20 plastic bags each. Boxes can be easy to come by, go to the nearest shops, pubs and supermarkets and ask if they have anything which you can use. Cardboard boxes are not your only option. If you prefer to be a little more eco friendly you can always rent special plastic boxes from removal/storage┬ácompanies especially for the occasion. The companies which are renting usually deliver them straight to your door so you don’t have to waste your time collecting. Packed boxes weigh more than 25kg. Remember to label them with room title and the content. Each box should be described for example: “kitchen-cups”, “bathroom-soaps”, “bedroom-family photos.” It is not recommended to mix things from different rooms in boxes because it will make unpacking much more difficult. Make yourself an inventory divided into rooms, such as kitchen – 6 boxes, bathroom – 2 boxes, etc. Remember moving companies will only do so much.

With rental tenancies make sure that the house or apartment is clean and all the necessary repairs are done in line with your agreement. Organize care for children at the time of removal. Make yourself a small tick list just to make sure that everything is done. For example:

  • Give clothes to charity shop
  • Give the books back to the library
  • Empty the fridge and the freezer
  • Make sure you have all the documents ready
  • Take the pictures of the apartment
  • Write down the meters gas, water, electricity
  • Give the keys away
  • Go to sleep really early because next day will be exhausting!
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