Packing Your Items Before the Big Move

When it comes to packing up your belongings for transportation on the big moving day, it can be daunting to think about the best way to approach the whole process. The packing process is a distinct necessity which is time consuming and at times requires extra effort to take care of more damageable items, you need to plan as best you can. And with this in mind, it’s worth checking your knowledge of materials and approaches to packaging, for the move itself.

Sorting out the materials for packing is your first step to getting everything packed up and ready to go. Without them you obviously can’t box everything up for the upcoming journey of a lifetime! If you do decide to go ahead hiring a third party packing service to pack up your items and pay for their assistance, then they will sort out the arrangements for you; boxing up items according to their size and weight with access to the right kind of materials for the job.

If not, then you’re going to need to sort the boxes for the task at hand yourself. This takes a bit of planning as you need to find local stores that will sell the kinds of boxes that you are looking for, with the right sizes too. That or you will need to shop around online stores that will sell boxes in bulk that you can use for boxing up your belongings for your Houston move. If you order them online, be sure to allow enough time for them to arrive before your move!

Some moving services will provide boxes on loan for a refundable deposit to cover the option of damage, and an incentive to take good care of them! Otherwise it’s off to the department store, stationery shop or pound shop to get suitably sized cardboard boxes for assembly and tape for packing and other materials. Or if you have the time and plan in advance, you might be able to get some suitably sized and appropriate boxes for use from friends, family or other relatives.

There are two main sizes really: large which is 20” x 20” x 18” and small which is 12” x 12” x 18”. Then you will need to get packing tape for securing the boxes. A strong tape is needed to secure the ends of the box, the top and bottom openings and edges, so that you do not have the contents spill out on you during transportation. Parcel tape can be used to do this, while Scotch Tape can be useful for holding edges together, or gaffer tape. Although given the properties of gaffer tape, it is probably best used for boxes you have bought yourself in case of companies expecting to reuse the boxes, as stated.

The last thing you want is your possessions breaking free and getting into danger (especially if they are fragile and expensive or very personal to you) after all the time you have spent making your best efforts to protect them! So do make sure you properly tape up each and every box ready for transporting to the new location.

Bubble wrap is useful for more vulnerable items that need greater support and padding within the boxes. Packing paper is also good for giving some extra cushioning to things like plates. If you are taking mattresses with you, you can place mattress covers on them to give them extra coverage when transporting them during the move to your new home.

B and S Moving can do the packing for you if you don’t want to take on the task yourself. Simply submit a quote request by clicking the button below and we will give you a quick free estimate.

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