Tips for Moving Houston Offices

When you do have to move your Houston office, the expectations and requirements are going to be much greater and more complicated. The logistics of the move need to be as refined and pinpoint as possible. You want to plan ahead to have the least disruption as possible and without any unexpected problems or unnecessary changes the time frame of schedule. The main benefit of hiring an office moving service is that they will plan out the logistics of moving everything to your new office space. As a result, they will be conscious of your concerns and requirements for getting your company set up and ready to go starting in your new office as soon as possible.

While working out which service to go with, make sure you know what the provided quote contains and completely understand the terms and conditions. On arrival have all of your utilities connected; testing before the arrival. For health and safety reasons, equipment will need PAT testing and to ensure it runs properly with the fittings maintained in the physical office location.

Make sure that you keep in regular contact with the service providers of the removals. Communication between yourself and the moving service will help to iron out any issues and help stay within schedule as you meet pre-set deadlines. And it also offers the chance for you to give your own feedback and queries as they pop up. If everything runs onĀ scheduleĀ and goes as planned, your staff will be able to get started working in their new environment straight away.

Business phones are going to be an important part of the move, as they will be one of the first port of calls (no pun intended!) for communicating internally throughout departments and also for contacting clients and other organizations within your business network. Therefore give a lot of thought and care over the planning for and transferring of your business phones, network and IT equipment. For the office to be fully operational and ready to go as soon as possible, you need to make sure that the network is installed prior to the move and changeover itself.

With the network up and running beforehand and internet connection available, you can then go ahead with the main move. Separation of these two important aspects is crucial: an IT specialist team is needed to bring over IT equipment and establish that, before the moving specialists can deal with transferring everything else. Linking them together accurately in timing and the schedule means that you can provide a seamless transition.

It would be of no use to have everything moved across to the new building and set up for use before the connection to the network and IT systems is installed. It might sound a little too obvious, but your staff can’t properly work on the system with specific software to do their work with, if their computer is not connected to the system server or Internet! Professional specialist help is therefore incredibly useful and beneficial with the aspects of establishing the physical servers for the networks and internal comms with each department’s business phones connected up again to the phone lines.

Make sure that your staff has their key/entrance cards for the new office given out to them, while providing knowledge of how the new security system works, so that you don’t have any hiccups when the changeover occurs in the first week of being there! Other than making your staff fully aware of the location, it will also help to provide in depth knowledge of the layout and where each department will be located.

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