Storage and Security – Choosing the Right Lock

After going through the rigmarole of packing up your items, the last thing you will want to do is place your items into storage and leave them at risk of theft. This means the lock you use is of the utmost importance, but how do you know which lock is right for you? This guide looks at storage unit security and what you need to consider when buying a lock.

Types of Lock Available

There are two main types of locks that are used to secure storage facilities, that being either a combination lock or a padlock. Each has their own positives and negatives when it comes to protecting your items.

Combination Lock

A combination lock operates upon a single dial that recognizes an input number sequence in order to release the locking mechanism. It is simple enough to operate as it contains a mechanism that has discs that interlock correctly when the correct number sequence is used. Depending on the type of combination lock you choose, one can have up to a 40-position dial, meaning that a lock can have up to 64,000 possible combination outcomes. It means without knowing the code, it is a timely and unfruitful process trying to unlock one, resulting in increased security. But, being a code based setup; it requires you to remember such number, because if you forget it odds are you will need to call in a locksmith to cut it off.


Padlocks provide a traditional alternative to a combination lock, as they open and lock via the use of a physical key. The mechanism inside isn’t too dissimilar to that of a combination lock, but as they do come in at the cheaper end of the scale, low-end padlocks may not be made using high quality materials. Low-end padlocks probably won’t stand up to rigorous use or attack. If you want to use a padlock alongside your storage locker, then you should look for one that is made of robust steel and utilizes a double lock at both heel and toe. It should also have a thick shackle and five-pin tumbler, which should be made of toughened brass. Padlocks are known for being heavy duty in use and appearance, but high maintenance in terms of preserving use. Being high maintenance may mean further investment in cleaning tools at some point in the locks lifespan.


Price is a tricky issue when it comes to locks, as it all depends on how much you are willing to pay. You can find locks for as cheap as a dollar and such may jump out as a cost effective option, but certain locks are priced like that for a reason and shouldn’t be considered to protect your possessions. Always allocate a reasonable budget for a lock, as it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to securing what is inside your storage locker. Remember, you do not need to over-invest, but the last thing you need is to use a lock that can’t stand up to damage or attack.

The Importance of Locks

It may seem obvious, but moving items into a storage unit will all be for nothing if a suitable lock doesn’t secure them properly. It should be the first and most important step in keeping your possessions safe and out of the hands of thieves. Finding the right lock in terms of security and durability may not be easy, but with the help of this guide finding the right lock may never be any more than a few steps away.