Keeping your Goods Safe during a Move with the Proper Packing

Keeping your belongings safe is something you do all the time. You will constantly be taking precautions to ensure they are not damaged or lost. This can take the form of regularly checking things in your bag or pocket, locking the door of your home, placing things in specific drawers of cupboards, utilizing safes or lockers, placing things out of the way, keeping small items together and much more. These measures are important because we could find ourselves without important items, as they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Sometimes, the need for security is higher than others and one of these is during a move. As you transfer all of your goods from one address to another, they are at risk. They can easily be lost during transit or left behind in your old address. They can be bashed about, dropped, crushed, etc as you carry them. They can be torn, ripped, dented and scratched when placed tightly into boxes with other items. Taking stuff out of your home can lead to them becoming wet as leaks and rain pour onto them. All of this has to be taken into account for your move but your things can be safeguarded against everything if you use the correct packing materials.

There is a wide range of materials you can use to enfold your goods starting with bubble wrap. It is a flexible, affordable and easily obtainable material that can be applied to all of your things. It will prevent scratches and dents, keep things dry and cushioned as they bump against other objects. Using adhesive tape on the wrap will ensure it stays on and that your goods are always safe.

Other materials worth using are tissue paper and cloth. You also use materials you may have around the house such as old clothes, sheets, cloth, newspaper and more. Wrapping these carefully around your small possessions will give them adequate protection. You can access all of these materials easily and buying an abundance is necessary so you have more than enough to cover everything.

The right boxes are also important to keep your goods secure so you should invest in the best containers. Cardboard boxes will be adequate as long as they are new and/or undamaged. Plastic boxes can be better for protection because they are tougher, less likely to fall apart, waterproof and come with extra features. These can include lids to allow easy access to your things and wheels so they boxes can be safely pulled along rather than you needing to struggle as you lift and carry them.

Placing items inside your boxes should be done carefully. Before you do so, make a list of every time you are packing so that you don’t lose or forget anything. Put similar boxes together so that they will likely complement each other and stack easily. Keep paint, liquids, foodstuffs, etc away from other goods in case they spill, and separate sharp objects from others. Never fill a box too much as it could lead to items being crushed, the box falling apart and goods falling out and it being too difficult to carry.

Lining the box with soft materials such as polystyrene, cloth, tissue paper, etc will soften any impacts the objects take and prevent them from scarping against each other. Sealing the box tightly is essential so nothing falls out and nothing can get inside.

If you follow all of these packing techniques and tips, you are assured of keeping your goods safe during your move.

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